If you have any question or require assistance, Contact Us.@vcarpels.com









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 +86 173 5910 0770




 NO. 89 Yinjian Road Daluotang Shatou Street Panyu District Shenzhen City,China




Hope we can be your optional supplier from2017.


3 comments on “If you have any question or require assistance, Contact Us.@vcarpels.com”

  1. Nene says:

    Hello, How much does it cost to get a replica of a Vintage Alhambra pendant Yellow gold or Pink gold, Mother-of-pearl


    Many Thanks

    1. JewelryDesinger says:

      I will try to apply this item as a sample for big customers, which only charge 360 dollars as the cost.How do you think about it?

  2.  JimmiXzSq says:

    Beautiful built bracelet. Was packaged nicely with a pillow and all. Very good seller, At the beginning, Western Union payments very worried, No problem, you can believe, their jewelry are great.I bought it many times, Friends like to call me to buy, because of the experience,Recently I have five orders, are very satisfied.

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