Cartier, Bvlgari, Piaget, Hermes, Chanel,Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry customized accepted.

The cost of customized authentic gold and diamond items is calculated as

1. Gold cost: 35 dollar a gram.(Rose gold, white gold same price)

2. Diamonds: 550 dollars a carat.

3. Paving wage: 0.7 dollars for one piece of diamond.

4. Crafts cost: 10% of the price for each jewelry item.

5. Profit, shipping cost and the full set of original packaging: 15% of the above total cost.

For example: a bracelet which is 20 grams and paved with 10 pieces of diamonds which is 2 carats in total, then its price is (35*20+550*2+0.7*10)*(1+10%)*(1+15%)=2295.8 dollars.

If the jewelry item is only use 20 grams of gold without diamonds, then its price is 35*20*(1+10%)*(1+15%)=875 dollars.

The delivery date is 1 weeks after receiving 30% of deposit and making full payment before shipment while the products is finished and saw the photos and videos of the authentic products.


One comment on “The cost of customized authentic gold and diamond items is calculated as”

  1. Liza Gonzalez says:

    Bought van cleef arpels black necklace,ring,bracelet,earrings as an anniversary gift; it’s very subtle and very lovely in person! I was really happy with it when I received it, and I’m excited to give it as a gift. I did have an error at first with the date, but the seller worked with me to correct it and get it to me in a time that still worked for me. I appreciate the customer service – I will be back again to buy from this seller, because these pieces are awesome!

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