What is the easiest way to tell if your gold jewelry is fake@vcarpels.com?

Well speaking in layman’s term, anything below 10KT is considered as fake when it comes to real gold van cleef arpels jewelry replica. The best way to avoid owning fake gold jewelries is firstly opting for a certified and trusted jeweler like @vcarpels.com, one of the best online jewelry shopping store that there is. Certified diamonds and assured gold quality and latest jewelry designs, they hold accountability for the quality of the product they are selling and thus in turn you know you’re getting good stuff or also can. Also, you can approach a certified replica 18k van cleef arpels alhambra long necklace Jeweler and get them to test your jewelry to have your doubts regarding the authenticity of the jewelry assuaged. There are a number of checkmarks as well as a long list of self-tests that you can conduct as well to determine the authenticity of your jewelry which goes as follows- Visual inspection- Gold has a distinctive yellow tint to itself and those who have had quite a run with gold jewelries can easily spot a fake when inspecting with a bare eye. But over time fakes have also evolved inching closer towards the real one making it harder for consumers like us. There are way around as well like the Hallmark or the karat stamp that is engraved into a piece of the van cleef arpels replcia ring jewelry. Sit down with a magnifying glass and inspect thoroughly the jewelry piece in its entirety to search for these markings. Look out for discoloration and wearing off of color as it may mean you’ve got a fake gold replica van cleef perlee clover bracelet jewelry in your locker. This wearing off typically starts around the edged and works its way around the jewelry. Magnet test- A magnet can be used to examine the authenticity of your gold jewelries as gold is inherently a non-magnetic metal. It is advised to opt for a stronger magnet to conduct the test successfully. One just need to hold their jewelry up close to the magnet and if you can feel a pull working, then you’re holding a fake. But there’s a loophole as well cause fake jewelers have got around to working with non-magnetic metals as well to make detection of fakes, impossible. So, this method is not all in foolproof. Density test- It is known that there are few metals denser than gold, so the thumb rule for authentic gold goes as, Higher the density = purer the gold. But I should warn you not to perform this test on gold that contains any kind of gemstone. You can refer to this video to see how to go about it. Another easy test to conduct at home is the ceramic plate testing. All you need is an unglazed ceramic plate for this and just need to drag your van cleef arpels earrings replica jewelry item across the surface of the plate and if it leaves a black streak behind on the surface then it’s a fake you’re holding.


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  1. Amanda Kramer says:

    the first time Western Union payments.Worry is superfluous,I love this 18k van cleef arpels necklace!!! This is my second one like it, but my first one from another seller was much cheaper in material. This necklace is real gold, so they are nickel free and kind to skin, never cause allergy like those cheap goods which only can be sold in flea markets,and my questions were answered VERY promptly during the process. I will definitely use this shop again. Thank you.

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