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Expensive jewelry gives the first impression of the beautiful but the price is too expensive, it has a strong attraction, if you want to get the most out of the play, you must fully understand the characteristics of jewelry. Jewelry is mainly used to reflect the beauty of women, if Van Cleef Arpels Lucky Alhambra Lapis lazuli Butterfly Necklace Yellow Gold with improper, it will undermine the overall effect; and appropriate replica van cleef arpels Alhambra necklace With, it will make their own dress more in line with their own style, more beautiful. Is your dress and jewelry right? This chapter gives you detailed information on how to make jewelry with jewelry, so you wear clothing with beautiful, piercing charm!
Jewelry psychologists believe that each person will naturally have a preference for certain jewelry. However, you may not want to believe that your favorite jewelry may not be entirely suitable for you. Each woman has its own color, character, temperament, stature, age and mental state, and only suitable for their own Van Cleef and Arpels Sweet Alhambra Bracelet Pink Gold to match the clothes, to better reflect the woman’s charm. In other words, only to find the most suitable for their own cheap van cleef arpels Perlee replica Style, to find a dress for their own jewelry style, in order to perfectly show their beauty and personality.
Jewelry can reflect the beauty of a woman, you can also let the beauty of the devaluation of women. If you like the color with improper, it will undermine the overall effect; the election of a color for you, it will make their own dress more in line with their own style, so that their more beautiful, more temperament. Creating a beautiful image is not difficult, as long as the election of the jewelry, everything will become very simple. We have had this experience, a person’s clothes van cleef arpels Vintage Alhambra ring knockoffs With a harmonious, we will find this person to wear beautiful, and this person have a good, deep impression. Similarly, if the clothes on our body
Jewelry with a perfect, will give others a good impression. Thus, identify their own Van Cleef and Arpels Byzantine Alhambra Earrings White Gold style is very important.
We all know that the pleasure brought by the color, is one of the most popular beauty, it will directly impact your vision. In fact, each of us has their own jewelry, if we want to make their image has improved or changed, first of all we must know what kind of suitable for their own van cleef arpels Lucky necklace replica, Truly condemnation, so that jewelry for our services.
To make jewelry for the image of the icing on the cake, we must first know their own Van Cleef & Arpels Yellow Gold Vintage Alhambra Ring with Diamond is a kind of color “Jewelry Four Seasons theory” to our common jewelry according to the tone of the difference between the well-being division and brightness purity Divided into four groups of jewelry, and these four jewelry group coincides with the color of the four seasons of nature coincide: spring, garden spring, jasmine, peach, green grass, gives a bright, lively feeling ; Autumn, a mature scene, when the leaves covered with a land, it gives a full, honest feeling; spring and autumn all the colors are yellow with ingredients, so people have a warm feeling, fake van cleef Arpels jewelry Warm colors. Summer, due to heat, people want to see the blue sky as the sea, cool and elegant water, access to fresh, elegant, quiet and serene feeling; winter, white snow, dark night, black and white set off all Van Cleef Arpels Perlee Clover Pendant Necklace Yellow Gold with Diamonds look so valuable, gives a distinctive feeling; summer and winter colors in blue as the keynote, the overall gives the feeling of cold, cool colors.

Jewelry encounter these problems, the diamond is one of the world’s most beautiful treasures?


Jewelry to meet the intellectual and elegant women of different fashion needs. However, the life of jewelry is limited, “people old bead” the idiom to describe a more appropriate.
Jadeite high toughness, but it is easy to rupture or damage, but usually do not let the dirt into the jade with sweat and its “combined.”
Under normal circumstances, the last process of jade processing is in its appearance sealed wax and then polished, so that jade can look very shiny. Cheap Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry The dirt will often corrode the jade surface of the Sichuan wax, so that the brightness and gloss of jade have been destroyed.
If the emerald color, warm water bubble 30 minutes is the beauty of beauty care, do not need to add any cleaning agent. Soak the process can be gently wiped with a soft cloth, if there is a carving of jewelry, you can use a soft brush gently brush to the surface dirt, will be as water lilies to reproduce the glory. Do not use clean diamond ultrasonic oscilloscope to clean jade, ultrasonic oscillation will make jade structure becomes loose. Jade is also afraid of high temperature, long-term baked at high temperatures, will make the jade inside the molecular volume increases, resulting in loss of moisture moist jade, resulting in germplasm to dry, its color will be shallow. Therefore, in the strong sun on the beach to play, cooking or steaming sauna, it is best to remove the emerald Van Cleef Arpels Alhambra Replica Jewelry, to prevent damage to jade.
Choose a piece of jewelry with you is indispensable, but how to care, maintenance of these beautiful “fragile” jewelry, so that they better demonstrate your charm is also essential homework. Pearl is an organic gem. If you take a long time to enjoy the sun, pearls will be drying out “wheat color”, and this “wheat color” for pearls, not a beautiful but a destruction.
Some people say that it should put it in a sealed bag to save the dark is benevolent? error! Pearl need fresh air, even if often do not wear it every few months out to let it breathe the air, or a grain of white pearl is easy to turn yellow. After wearing, but also to give it a “warm bath” clean, preferably with sheepskin wipe clean place on the dark and dry, do not use tissue paper, because the rough surface of the tissue will wear Van Cleef Arpels Perlee Knockoff.
We in life or food in contact with certain substances, containing different concentrations of acid or alkali, and these different concentrations of acid-base chemicals on pearl damage is fatal, so our cosmetics, perfume to try to avoid contamination Jewelry. If you are afraid to wash your hands and remove the jewelry and forget the event on the sink and other things, a small jewelry box can be avoided, so do not bother, carry a small jewelry box with it.
Some people say that cleaning jewelry with toothpaste? error! Because the toothpaste contains fine particles of high hardness grinding material, the hardness of these particulate matter up to 67 degrees (almost the same crystal), so the result is a toothpaste cleaning jewelry will be damaged. Than the crystal hardness of low gem surface, especially pearls, must be put to use toothpaste cleaning.
Diamond is one of the most beautiful treasures of the world, and its bright colors have been fascinated by countless people, but Van Cleef Arpels Clover Bracelet replcia Like other items, will be infected, stained with dust.
So only careful maintenance, in order to make it bright eternal. Diamond has a “lipophilic” characteristics, it is easy to contaminate the grease on the skin dirt, even high-quality diamonds, once touched the hands of grease and dust dirt, natural light will be obscured.
First, a little detergent into the bowl with warm water stirring from the foam, and then into the bowl of diamonds, with a soft brush gently wipe, brush out after the diamond into the metal mesh or tea filter, rinse with warm water, Then dry with a soft cloth. 1 to 4 ratio of the detergent into cold water, the diamond ring into the solution soak for a few minutes, remove and wipe with a soft brush, and then rinse with a solution, then use a paper towel to dry it. But remember not to abrasion inlay replica Van cleef arpels long necklace Of the base.
Metal jewelry with the appearance of beautiful and yet hard, the characteristics of changing color to attract the heart of fashion consumer groups. But a lot of people spent a lot of money to buy jewelry, but not willing to wear, in fact, every day to wear is the best of these metal jewelry maintenance methods, because the body secrete the oil, the jewels can produce natural moist luster.
But if the metal has turned yellow, when the signs of how to deal with it? At this time must first use a small brush to clean metal jewelry slit, and then wipe the surface with a soft cloth jewelry, metal is like “back to the original” general bright as new. Be sure to avoid using a hard brush or tissue paper for cleaning.
At the same time, it is recommended that you take a bath, wash your hair, wash your hands, make-up or do housework, it is best to wear gold and silver jewelry, so you can avoid soap, detergents and bleach chemicals dirty fake van cleef Arpels jewelry surface, so that the loss of luster to produce spots, while avoiding deformation fracture, loss of loss, especially sections of fine necklace in the sleep and wash should not be worn.

No matter which season jewelry is good, too much, then it seems no time@vcarpels.com


The most suitable for wearing jewelry season, because the body is more exposed parts, whether necklaces, bracelets, arm rings or earrings have a good opportunity to show. As the summer clothing thin, simple style, jewelry should choose simple, classic, chic style, such as: van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace replica Jewelry, gold jewelry, crystal jewelry, etc., in order to elegant colors, crystal shiny, the concept of a feast for the eyes.
As the fabric is more heavy, should be matching a variety of texture and weight of jewelry, cool color coat can choose the color of the more abundant necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches, pins and other gold, diamond jewelry. Such as black coat should choose gold jewelry or Choi Po jewelry, colored diamond jewelry light color.
Whatever the season, pay attention to van cleef & arpels earrings knockoff Wear is not the more the better, the more valuable the better. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches worn on the body, blooming each other, but no visual focus, giving the impression of chaotic. Generally only in a very grand occasion, it is appropriate to wear the suit, but also clear primary and secondary, there is a good perception.
Ear-pearl or long hanging pearl earrings can be adapted to different needs of the occasion. Office dress simple and serious, wearing a pair of earrings pearl earrings, women can be soft to subtle expression of the way, but also make your office dress Bu Zhiyu so serious and too hard lines. Long section hanging earrings is more suitable for wearing with the dress, when the earrings in the earlobe and sway between the neck, adding feminine dress and feminine beauty.
Pearl necklace styles and styles of change, as are the slender neck, increasing the elegance of women temperament. Pearls cheap van cleef & arpels jewelry Necklace can be based on the characteristics of different groups to buy. If you wear more petite, height is not high, optional medium-length pearl necklace. Older women to white gold pearl necklace is appropriate; younger, can choose black, pink or purple and other more lively young color. Tall tall pick women can choose long section, and even some exaggerated long style. Single wearing a few times around the neck is a good way to wear law.
Pendants more suitable for wearing with a ring or earrings at the same time, the pendant style has a simple single-pearl pendant, there are luxurious stone pearl pendant. Single-pearl pendant suitable for everyday wear, and luxury pearl pendant is more suitable for solemn occasions.
A: can wear, but it is best not to wear. Why do you say, can wear is that it will not have any effect on the crystal, bath liquid will not hurt the crystal, because the crystal will not reflect with the acid or alkali, it will not be with the general chemical and the like Reaction occurs, it is only in the high temperature conditions and fluoride are reflected. But why do not wear it better, because the process of movement will have a collision pull, van cleef arpels clover bracelet imitation Is fragile, if not careful to pull off the line that is not trouble.
A: Why do you wear a crystal bracelet left hand? (Such as obsidian and other dark crystal except), we have a saying in China has been left into the right out (abroad also have a similar argument), crystal worn on the left hand, left hand will absorb the power of crystal (or crystal can also absorb the outside world Magnetic field), while the right hand is the release of different magnetic fields out. In fact, wearing a crystal is a stress on the absorption should be brought in the left hand, if the projection should be with the right hand. Projective crystals can emit energy to attract some magnetic field. Absorptive crystals can absorb some energy condensed.
First, the crystal absorbs the body’s negative energy on weekdays, it is like a trash, there are always filled, when it is released it is necessary. Released will bring more good luck. Second, the crystal surface of the surface itself will have a long time adhesion of dirt, cleaning becomes essential. Third, the role of psychological implication, purification, pure, and psychological only practical, will be more believe it’s Aura. And I personally think that the crystal after purification is easier to communicate with the owner, easier to play its unique strength. For women who are in pregnancy, many things are in need of taboo. Then crystal fake van cleef and arpels butterfly ring Jewelry it? It is said that natural crystal has the effect of lowering blood pressure, improving eyesight, refreshing, facilitating and compensating dirty, especially for eyes diseases, pharyngitis, insomnia, frozen shoulder and breast diseases.
Optical axis: Crystal has three directions of the optical axis, can release a huge energy, such as acupuncture general stimulation of acupuncture points, which can produce a certain physical therapy. Crystal has a unique piezoelectric effect, the world of all things, only the crystal’s inherent magnetic field and the human body’s magnetic field strength is similar to when the human body is not comfortable, the magnetic field will change the crystal magnetic field can correct the magnetic field of human cells, people keep alive and Vitality.So pregnant women wear crystal jewelry on their own as well as the baby has some benefits.
For example, women should buy a series of skin care products, jade is also the case, the same texture did not violate the sense of the same color we all understand that the color should be consistent, pay no attention to color matching, visual conflict. Complex chaos, there is no beauty at all, replica van cleef arpels ring The number of pieces or 1 to 3 as well. Exquisite makeup, bright clothes, jewelry wrong choice to expose their own shortcomings, it can be really awkward. For example, to select the ring, bracelet, the first thought should be the fingers, the wrist is not enough beauty. Neck and beautiful, you can choose a unique necklace to their neck points.

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Many people are very rich in jewelry association, including mature, stable, gorgeous, rich, rich, rich, stylish, warm, natural, dignified, intellectual, perfectionist, romantic, self-confidence. According to “Jewelery First Lady” Carol Jackson’s “cheap cartier jewelry knockoffs.”Autumn style of women is dedicated to the fall of the luxurious family, they inherited the charm of the fall, they have all the jewelry impression and character, temperament has the charm of nature in autumn.Model is a mature woman, Dignified, full-bodied, for autumn-type women’s jewelry is gorgeous, rich warm colors.
Autumn-type woman is the impression of autumn vector, they are like a fascinating fall, with Amulette de Cartier Ring replica Unique jewelry attributes. Autumn-type woman’s eyes calm, uniform color, hair glossy strong, they are the highest grade of urban life woman, is a gorgeous, fashion Mature owners, as autumn rich, rich jewelry, autumn-rich woman is rich Charm.
Autumn-type women not only body color and autumn jewelry consistent with their character, temperament, such as autumn-like dignified and mature, simple and honest. Autumn-style women’s face, although grown very ordinary, but their faces are often hung with a simple smile, their laughter cordial, easy-going, warm heart, even the first meeting, you can feel their friendly, and even Will feel and they have met, this is the fall of the biggest characteristics of women, approachable. Autumn-type women walk in the pace of the light yet sound, speaking voice, speed, tone and content also reflect their mature personality characteristics. Replica van cleef arpels ring With the most mature, friendly, easy-going character, with no contrived, sincere, natural temperament, they are the most warm sister next door, so that people around feel safe, easy, rest assured. In the fall of women in front, you can completely let go, so that their physical and mental are in a free state.
Autumn-type woman for the most natural colors to dress themselves, autumn jewelry is the best set off their beautiful jewelry group. Rich and honest, rich and gorgeous jewelry and warm autumn women are together, complement each other, jewelry will be set off even more beautiful, people will also play the beauty of jewelry to the extreme. It should be noted that, although the fall-type women and spring-type women are warm colors, but the light and bright jewelry is not suitable for autumn-type women, pale colors and autumn-type women mature and stable, simple and honest temperament is contrary to the . Autumn-type woman for bright with a calm in the Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra replica , Such as dark tomato red, rust red, deep golden orange, dark green, mallard blue, eggplant purple, etc., and brown, beige, gold is the most able to reflect the fall of luxury women’s temperament jewelry.
Autumn-type women in the four seasons is the most mature and luxurious female representatives, they are good wife and mother in the home, is the workplace in the capability, mature professional women, but also love in the situation of light Mature. Suitable for autumn-type women’s jewelry all derived from the nature of the fall of the original eco-jewelry, these thick and honest jewelry to their beauty and temperament perfectly set off, especially in the fall, they are the most out of color group of people. If you are sure you are a fall-type woman, then from now on the fall, pay attention to those most suitable for your strong Van Cleef Arpels Magic necklace replica It!
Winter is a cold season, but also the lack of jewelry season. When it comes to winter, we naturally think of white snow, dark night sky, cold weather, proudly independent Samui and so on. On the winter of jewelry association is rich, including cold, strong, confident, intellectual, stunning, unique, personality, etc., while the winter-specific winter women also have these characteristics. Winter women are individual, distinctive, they are the best women in the world of warriors, with the same as the cold winter, tenacious character.

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Jewelry new culture will rise. Investment, just need, accessories, different types of needs will have different personalized design to meet, and the same type of Amulette de Cartier Ring replica Demand will be due to geographical, age, identity, the different occasions again broken down, similar to the “magic kiss” as a thorough innovation will be more and more. Because to create more consumption and higher frequency of repeated consumption, light luxury and even low-priced products will gradually become mainstream. Design and service will be more important than sales. Transparency of information online, consumers more choice and comparison of space, the design of the attraction and evaluation of services, will be the final deal is decisive.
Relying on a large platform for personalized customization, cheap van cleef arpels replica So that real light asset operations become possible, once again reduce the cost will become an important competitive advantage in the future. Because of the ability to design, light asset operations, heavy capital is no longer a jewelry business must be, small business will usher in development opportunities, there will be a large number of small micro-studio, like “three squirrel” miracle is likely Jewelry industry staged. Product niche niche positioning will be more and more, Ali such a huge flow of the platform, even if only the occupation of a small niche labels, can also get rich returns.
Jewelry processing plants have the opportunity to launch their own brand, the new channel so that they have a choice, you can no longer rely entirely on the exhibition hall to survive. Traditional Fake Van Cleef Arpels Clover Bracelet jewelry business and the old channels will not be completely replaced. Jewelry consumer trust and experience for many people is still very important, although the proportion of sales of traditional channels have been eroded, but for a long period of time, will be higher than the Internet sales.


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Van cleef arpels bracelet replica
Van cleef arpels bracelet replica

There is no jade replicas of wealth, there is no gem bright, but it is so simple that we feel its affinity. Which fake cartier jewelry Silver necklace as a more popular jewelry by the majority of consumers. However, the silver necklace worn for a long time, how to clean has become a problem. The following is still love home jewelry Xiaobian simple to tell you about the silver necklace cleaning and maintenance.
Silver Necklace how to clean? You can try to use the drawing eraser to wipe 925van cleef arpels jewelry replica Silver surface slightly black oxide. You can try to apply a little toothpaste on the silver surface, and then use a toothbrush dipped in warm water to scrub, and finally with the whole wool soft nap dry. When the silver surface by mild corrosion slight discoloration, you can use the detergent or hot medium-sized soap gently wipe, first with a soft brush scrub, then use the whole wool soft wool velvet, this time the silver will show The original light. Wash with warm water washing powder washing solution, and then wetting the surface of the phosphoric acid solution, and then wipe with a flannel, silver can be more clean.
925 replica van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace Silver oxide when showing light brown, you can dip a little soft silver cloth wipe, or to wash the silver water immersion, you can also wipe the silver cloth. Will be placed in a little silver silver water immersion, remove the slightly washed with water can be. The use of rub silver cloth, is the fastest and most convenient way; wiping silver cloth silver cloth containing silver maintenance ingredients, not washing, wipe the stains for the silver, can be used repeatedly. With exquisite and three-dimensional work of the silver, to avoid deliberately wipe light. Silver if not sealed or often wipe, easy to make the color darker. Silver is the best maintenance method to wear every day, because the human body can produce silver oil natural moist luster.
Wear 925 silver necklace when not wearing other precious metal jewelry at the same time, so as not to collision deformation or abrasions. Avoid contact with water vapor and chemicals. Van cleef arpels bracelet replica Generally worn with a cotton cloth after wiping clean, into the jewelry box or bag sealed. Has been oxidized black, you can brush with a soft brush brushing toothpaste; hand rubbing soap or detergent can also be used to clean. Do the old craft replicas of silver, the use of wiping with silver cloth or rubbing with toothpaste rubbing treatment can restore the light, remember not to use silver wash water will damage the above do the old process. To properly clean the jewelry, according to the correct method to wear.

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White crystal of the bright, pure, by the vast number of consumers love to wear white crystal may be the most white-collar office workers, especially the regular exposure to the work of the computer crowd, because white crystal can reduce the radiation on the human body direct harm. White crystal fake van cleef arpels jewelry Encounter for people to wear, the crystal can play its due role, otherwise the function and then only powerful in vain. The following love is still a small love for you to bring you the principle of wearing white crystal.
1, white crystal “academic crystal,” said the main wear the crowd for students and mental workers, can help you focus, get inspiration.
2, wearing Van Cleef Arpels Lucky Necklace replica Should pay attention to maintenance, every 1-3 months for purification is particularly important degaussing.
3, daily wear to avoid bumps, avoid contact with the chemical composition of the material, clean water to dry with a dry cotton cloth.
4, wearing a white crystal hand string how many tablets of good? Depending on the thickness of the wearer’s wrist, Buddha beads size and shape depends on the wearer’s personal preferences and aesthetic. The number of beads is not particularly particular about, like your wrist is like.
5, white crystal is radioactive say, should be van cleef & arpels perlee bracelet replica Its wear on the left wrist, so as to give the body a steady stream of input energy.
1) frail people. White crystal to remove the negative energy effect is still very strong, so frail people wearing white crystal can gradually restore vitality, is conducive to good health.
2) people who often stay up all night. Wearing white crystal can help people who stay up late to stay awake and improve their ability to inspire and think, which can improve work efficiency.
3) white-collar workers and office workers. White crystal can effectively reduce the harm of computer radiation on the human body, it is particularly suitable for those long desk work every day, white-collar workers face the computer and office workers crowd.
4) students and mental workers. The reason why white crystal “academic crystal” reputation, because van cleef arpels alhambra replica can help students focus, improve learning efficiency, thereby promoting the improvement of academic performance.


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Tanabata since ancient times is a traditional Chinese romantic festival, young men and women begging God to give them intelligence and a happy love marriage.
In recent years, the return of traditional culture, Tanabata, the Chinese Valentine’s Day more and more fire. This direct drive as a symbol of Chinese culture, Van Cleef Arpels Clover Bracelet replcia Sales hot. Tanabata sent Jade, a young couple to express the best way to love, the past few days Mabel Oriental Mall visitors are often based on young couples, they love to buy favorite jewelry for the heart.
Two thousand or three thousand yuan of jade, the sales were significantly higher. And many buyers are male customers, usually as a gift of love to give their favorite girl.
Oval face, Liu Mei Fengyan, put on a new cheap cartier necklace replica Of the white-collar Miss Zhang to stay around to see her boyfriend, this classic pendant is suitable for her inlaid diamond instead of the traditional vertical and horizontal buckle design. Modeling are slender elegant, antique.
Tanabata soon to be, what kind of copy van cleef & arpels jewelry Tanabata Festival to send what gift to his girlfriend, what gift to send a boyfriend, which is troubled by many friends. Everyone’s character is different, like things are different, we might look at the constellation of this gift, constellation gift is now the most popular gift, so Valentine’s Day in the day to give your favorite people, knockoffs Van cleef arpels alhambra clover earrings Whether boys or girls will be very fond of, because it is based on what he constellation to give him a gift, should be right.
12 constellations lucky crystal and guardian of stone, 12 constellations lucky crystal magic is quite impressive, when the Tanabata Festival, buy a lucky crystal to give her favorite (him), so good luck and happiness are around .


Valentine’s Day picks what presents best represent new ideas@vcarpels.com

When is Valentine’s Day? I do not think anyone will know this day. China ‘s traditional Valentine’ s Day is the seventh of July each year, and now there are a lot of couples will be the West Valentine ‘s Day on February 14. Valentine’s Day when there will always be a lot of  cartier love replica jewelry Up situation. What flowers ah, ah gifts and so on.
To Valentine’s Day is also a headache for each man, they often have to be in this special day what is not special action, so that their girlfriend has a memorable day. Modern people turn the Tanabata as China’s Valentine’s Day, customs also imitate the West Valentine’s Day. Celebrations and gifts of course, and Western Valentine’s Day is similar to men and women friends dating, to send  cartier love jewelry knockoffs Wait. Near the end of the day, the streets were filled with roses.
I have a friend of Valentine’s Day on the very meaningful, give his girlfriend a romantic marriage proposal ring, a small marrying replica cartier ring, But it is carrying a lifetime of agreement, on behalf of a man’s highest commitment, only to the hearts of the only one that she. When it is put on the hands of the beloved woman, has become the most beautiful love between the most sacred witness token.

Girls like romance, will go to fantasize their lover will give him what kind of romantic gift to her, so when you in the warm and romantic candlelight dinner, you come up with her carefully prepared for the 99 delicate and charming Drops of red roses, cheap van cleef arpels replica Let this kind of long-lost romance fill in the gap between you immediately. Watching his girlfriend happy smile instant bloom, is certainly the biggest meet your love.
Thousands of miles to send goose feathers, light ceremony was intended to re-light! Hand-made for her a sumptuous dinner, weaving a warm scarf or a doll like her, in the winter to send her a warm blessing, I believe that when you see her hand for her to do these Gift, I believe will be very moving, any girl on this kind of warmth offensive is irresistible, so warm Christmas gifts will give you the feelings of heating.
Diamond is a woman’s best friend, choose a bright luxury diamond ring as a Christmas gift to his girlfriend, in this small ring, knockoffs van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace
The beauty of diamonds and unparalleled transparency is a symbol of your feelings of her specificity, a ring represents a commitment to this life just want to hold your hand, whether rain or rain, no matter how hardships and hardships will not put open. Such a beautiful implication, will let her indulge them. Imagine the little bits of diamonds sparkling at her fingertips, must be your most rewarding thing.


Individuality of the diamond ring or necklace is not only your personal image of the extra points

The United States first lady Michelle from the beginning to accompany the President of the presidential election, she began to dress up on the outside of the praise, many people in the workplace and even joked that the quasi-first lady for Obama’s election, is a lot of extra points . The spring of 2016, the cheap cartier jewelry knockoffs US media published more by workplace selection of the most attractive women ranked, the United States first lady Michelle topped the list. You do not have to wonder, why Angelina Jolie and Giselle Bunchen as big beauty will be left behind? Very simple, imagine the office if such a woman how the consequences, the answer is self-evident.
Michelle may not Angelina? Julie looks and body advantage, but her fashion taste, easy control of clothing and jewelry, but the ability to convince people. Her figure, age, status, taste so that the world’s middle-class women to find a more valuable new idol, Amulette de Cartier Ring replica and women in the workplace executives, and finally ushered in a really worth imitating vcarpels.com.
Pearl Necklace: Starting with Jacqueline All First Lady’s Choice
Jacqueline laid the first lady’s fashion status. From her start, knee-length skirt and pearl necklace almost become the first ladies uniform standard look. Turn to Michelle, naturally, and ultimately, pearl necklace. Pearl’s noble is the general replica van cleef arpels ring jewelry incomparable, the first lady of choice pearl necklace, executives of women are naturally indispensable.
Whether it is state-run events, charity events, television interviews … … you can almost see Michelle Obama wearing pearl necklace – this super-adaptability of the occasion is very suitable for busy executives women, the day piece of pearl necklace You can wear it directly to participate in the evening’s business banquet.
More than 20 girls wearing pearls will look old-fashioned, but executives on the contrary, pearls are very picky jewelry, only deep intrinsic, experienced a time precipitation of the woman to show off its charm. At the same time, pearls are also wild Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra replica jewelry, you can even use your beloved pearl necklace, to match your wardrobe inside a few sets of clothes.
Color gemstone brooch: the workplace suits the best partner
If you do not have a brooch, obviously need to make up this lesson!
Lady Elizabeth Fendi said, “no woman is not perfect brooch woman.” Because the brooch is extremely sensitive to wear the location, really too feminine! You have no reason to refuse in this place full of temptation to decorate the beautiful.
The workplace, the suite has always been dominated the world. For business executives, perhaps clothing than the younger subordinates are more “rigid”, selective lower. So, do not forget with an emerald, ruby or sapphire brooch for suits and high collar dress, choose this full of visual tension custom gemstone brooch, not only can enhance the overall texture, but also to take this The performance of their own personality claims.
Diamonds: from jewelry to the momentum of capable
Remember the “color” ring, the woman together around the scene than the size of the diamond ring? Women in the workplace is no exception, a gilded scene in the town of Van Cleef Arpels Magic necklace replica jewelry, not only allows you to the same level of women in confidence Full, and allows you to enjoy the admiration and admiration of subordinates – Yes! Strong woman, is to choose the most powerful gem.
Diamonds are suitable for the workplace, but also because it is the most light, most direct, never dragging its feet, but also no feminine, gentle look, this is not what you want to create their own professional image?
No one said that wearing a diamond on the negotiating table will win, but can not deny, but also help you gather the customer’s attention. Diamond woman is confident,cheap cartier love jewelry knockoffs pay attention to quality, the pursuit of perfection, such a woman is naturally the winner in the war.