Young housewives with the daily jewelry, fashion queen that recipe – clothing and jewelry with

I believe that most people have their own jewelry with a set of fashion experience. Then we are in the clothing and jewelry with, the specific follow the basic routines?
Workplace, dignified and rigorous, accessories can not be too much, too exaggerated style jewelry should not be worn, can be carefully selected one or two small and exquisite jewelry.
Dress, evening dress:
With the dress with the fine replica van cleef arpels ring jewelry should be elegant and sophisticated, according to the choice of a different sense of style jewelry accessories match.
Casual Wear:
With casual wear jewelry should be generous and simple, and jeans with a bold and bold combination of jewelry, rough is appropriate.
At the same cheap cartier necklace replica time the most important point is, in fact, to follow their own heart, to form their own style.
Can not say that particularly young but less than 30
The reason for housewives is that their parents are getting older and need to be taken care of
Resigned from the field to return home to start a temporary home decoration and said slowly to find a job I personally think that as a woman or a good job at least there is a head will not make people feel every day seemingly meaningless,I am a jewelry-loving Hey.Everyone to go out wearing knockoffs van cleef arpels alhambra clover earrings jewelry in addition to clothes with the main occasion depends on the occasion hehe
Daily point with the bar.


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You should be the center of attention, not your jewelry


casual wear casual wear jewelry has become a trend, diamond jewelry is a more relaxed and bright, full of charm and aura of the new attitude into the ordinary people of ordinary dress life. Most people in the spare time or in some relaxed and happy occasion often like casual clothes, such as T-shirts, machine-shirt, or general skirt, then wear some of the main stone is not prominent by the general gems or synthetic gemstones inlaid Jewelry, such as “the Soviet Union drilling”, garnet, etc. are more harmonious. On the contrary, such as wearing some eye-catching precious stones, such as color tourmaline color tourmaline color tourmaline tourmaline, ruby, emerald green, etc., will appear uncoordinated, will undermine the relaxed atmosphere. This occasion wear too many pieces of jewelry is also no benefit, will give people a messy feeling. If you are more comfortable on weekdays to enjoy the full personality style, this season is definitely a great opportunity; you may wish to wear casual wear when wearing one or two pieces of cheap cartier love ring replica jewelry, inadvertently infiltrated the slightest strands of sexy. Some of the pearls and diamonds for the shape of snail-like earrings, a little adjustment, you can become a sleeved shirt on the cufflinks. In addition, there are some common in the jewelry design of insects, flowers and vegetables, red tomatoes and other shapes, and the sea can be the starfish, hippocampus, small turtle and other jewelry shape, together into a small unit, and then free to add String, combined into a wide range of jewelry. Of course, do not do a combination, a single ring can also be worn. After all, few people can have a very.

A variety of jewelry, so finally have the jewelry, if you can wear a few more ways, you can slightly ease the distressed “expensive.” This concept is the so-called “composite van cleef arpels bracelet replica jewelry”, although today’s jewelry is expensive, but there are a lot of information for your reference, and now put home expensive, cheap jewelry, compound to wear to see. For example, a simple shape of the ring can be removed from the fingers, as a necklace. In turn, you can also use the necklace as a ring, or the ring ring hanging around the neck as the idea of strap. In the street, we often can see that some girls will be removed as a ring to the pin, or the design of the fringed diamond pin hook hanging in the necklace, often can make “turned” after the jewelry is more special.
Gold has been out of the traditional image of the conservative, stylish and sophisticated, corresponding to different occasions and clothing with, taste absolutely good. Elegant knitting two cardigan, with like a long sweater chain-like style, so that the overall shape of luxury and soft, grace Zhuo about. Rich sense of design gold, and indirect wear complement each other.
In short different wearers can be based on the characteristics of different individuals, temperament training, wear, and other well-chosen atmosphere Cartier love bracelet knockoffs jewelry, fully reflects the wearer unique temperament. More personalized overall image, make people shines.

As long as the right to wear, any occasion can wear jewelry@vcarpels


is installed workplace strong women also need replica van cleef arpels alhambra necklace jewelry to set off their capable atmosphere, geometric lines, full of rational jewelry is their favorite. On the professional women, wear accessories more constraints, in compliance with the guidelines may not be, in fact, spend their little effort, the delicate selection of their own temperament and style of jewelry. In order to break through the simplicity of professional wear, you can in the chest and hair, and necklace with a number of lively colored gemstones, retired professional equipment, light and solemn, the transmission to the vitality of women and pretty. The selection of colored stones, to pay attention to the grade of precious stones, gems of color, authentic bright, gemstone fire better, gems have Reiki. For example, this diamond ring: ring around the main diamond design, revealing an aura and lively, professional women to wear to break the previous stereotype, gives a fresh feeling. At the same time back on the basis of professional equipment, with a delicate copy Van Cleef Arpels  jewelry, can play a subtle role in reversing the shape of the effect, where the two most important jewelry is, necklaces and brooches. In the suits of the edge of the collar do not have a curved design of the brooch, you can make the set of frivolous added to the number of silk vivid dynamic; necklace length, quality material tone, and design style, subtle mix, the same can Increased set of dynamic and rhythmic beauty.

ordinary casual, home leisure tour, the same should be wary of wearing jewelry patterns and clothing with the ordinary in this informal place, wearing a design of colored stones and semi-precious stones jewelry, and casual wear with each other Shine, plain was revealed in a different kind of taste. To a humorous heart of the luxury interpretation of the jewelry into a full of interesting design, so you are as dazzling in leisure time. Like a Hello Kitty pink crystal pendant, pink and hello kitty pendant is a combination of Kawaii girls can not miss a stylish appearance, with casual, dress can be. Festivals and friends, is to show their full personality and taste the best opportunity to wear timely and appropriate to wear colored gemstones jewelry, will give this extraordinary millennium spring, add a little color, and will give your family and friends a Kind of attentive and relaxed feeling.

a variety of dress styles, with the style of color changes, with the jewelry also appears to change, subtle introverted or highlight the personality can be, jewelry and clothing can choose the same color, of course, you can also try to hit the color collocation, Brilliant time, what can not try it? Dress series of clothing, the general should wear and clothing color similar or complementary Replica Cartier love jewelry . When there are other colors on the dress decoration, you should not wear and dress and decorated with significant differences between the color of jewelry, otherwise it will undermine the harmony of the dress. Dress is a grander than a dress, a common dark series, light series of two series. Such as dark blue suit, black skirt, white dress. Wear jewelry do not fully armed, the necklace, earrings, bracelets, rings all upper body, choose their own to highlight the site, as long as one is enough. You have enough self-confidence, you can put the most flash jewelry, but do not be jewelry took the limelight. And clothing supporting a variety of diamond jewelry, is the performance of women’s cultural quality and dress grade silent language. Wearing diamond jewelry is most afraid of abuse, especially in summer. In general, the jacket wears flowers, may not have to wear diamond jewelry; whole body elegant and minimalist, style and extremely simple, can wear one or two diamond jewelry. Wearing diamond Amulette de Cartier Ring replica jewelry is not gold and silver, pearl agate, jade, diamonds and other expensive display status status, is not expensive to create beautiful, the former US First Lady Barbara? Bush often wear simulation diamond jewelry to attend some major events, not only the slightest Did not affect her charm, but instead won the public trust and goodwill. Blue jewelry does not play, but deep and soft, is a certain aesthetic cultivation of choice. People who prefer blue jewels are relatively peaceful in their personalities. They are kind and steadfast towards the ones who love oneself, while those who oppose them remain politely alienated and ignored. Most of them are virtuous wives and mothers, not revolutionary forerunners. Responsive, whimsical, everything is moving forward, fickle and optimistic musicians for modeling exaggerated, irregular diamonds or unique style, angular multi-faceted trapezoidal diamonds, a pointed straight, a sleek horse-type diamond. Out of the scope of the rules, fun.

The purpose of wearing jewelry is to embellish the essence of clothing


while at the same time cover up the body’s local defects. Noble luxury evening dress will need bright silver and silver jewelry to the background. Sweet elegant clothing and fine romantic jewelry complement each other. Simple, simple, elegant fabric of the linear fashion, coupled with abstract geometric patterns earrings and headdress, there will be a sense of steady gentle.Every woman has its own treasure chest, how to better show the beautiful jewelry and self-personality? Will be integrated into the daily mix is positive solution.
Jewelry ornaments or additions as clothing, wear well can play a break from the effect, you can bring out the individual’s unique temperament. From the perspective of the United States and clothing, the overall color effect should be pleasing to the eye and harmony of the same, when the color of clothing is too monotonous and calm, you can use bright and varied cheap van cleef arpels replica jewelery.
When the color of clothing is a bit strong and messy, but also the use of simple and implicit jewelry color to ease the atmosphere. For example, the emerald suit is best to wear formal occasions in the evening to wear, green jade in the light, can look elegant and luxurious, and in the sun, covered with green, too dazzling. Platinum sapphire set in such an occasion will appear more appropriate, will appear calm some. Ruby, diamond set in the light will have good results, pearl decorated with strong adaptability, in most occasions, will not look dazzling, the British Princess Diana, a lot of pearl sets, she often wear Pearl ornaments to attend a variety of occasions, always look elegant and luxurious. Therefore, I suggest that you should have a set of pearls to prepare for use, it is also with the clothing is not very harsh.In the past, people think that only formal and solemn occasions can wear jewelry, and other occasions is not suitable for wearing jewelry, in fact, this is a deviation of understanding, as long as the right to wear, any occasion can wear jewelry. We have a deeper understanding of clothing, know that there are dress, casual, dress, casual wear, and so the difference, but also know that in different occasions to wear different clothes, and wear cartier love jewelry replica, it appears that the lack of knowledge, A piece of jewelry is no longer taken off to wear, what is it.

Season 10 with a senior dress jewelry


Women like what kind of replica hermes leather bracelet Jewelry, there is no conclusion. Men to gallant before, it is best to consult some experts to guide consumption. Women choose jewelry styles and her constellations, personality are very related.
One is full of creative, full of ideas of the Aquarius, one is catching on, always a little childish Aries, the two constellations are entirely different astrology, bones infiltration is the same complex – tradition. Therefore, the two constellations you pick for their own jewelry, as long as the “basic models + design sense,” the tone, do not be afraid they will spend the money wasted.
If you want to give the twelve constellations to a fashion sense of keenness index ranking, the first I am afraid that is none other than Gemini. Belong to this constellation you, basically with the classic with no money, replica van cleef arpels vintage alhambra ring
The traditional circular ring has been very difficult to impress the hearts of Gemini. Therefore, the Gemini jewelry selection only requires a word: change. For example, there is a new concept of wedding ring, completely abandon the traditional round, the popular heart-shaped, Marquise, oval, pear-shaped, emerald-shaped, and even free to play, design special models and custom.
Virgo and Taurus belong to the same earth sign, their greatest feature is described in two words is ‘real’. For the two constellations of people, can see a real jewelry at a glance, than those who pursue a sense of design more attractive to them. In other words, under the same value, a bare diamond and a gold ring from the designer, the former temptation is always greater than the latter.
Both belong to the water sign, Cartier love bracelet knockoffs And that women are made of water, Pisces and Cancer feminine born. In their bones, inherently permeated with a dream and romantic atmosphere. Therefore, Pisces and Cancer relative to the abstract design, more enthusiastic about the specific pattern.
Leo is probably the most constellation of twelve constellation of impulsive consumption, “because they are the best face.” Like being the crowd attention, like to stand out, these are Leo’s “common problem.” Therefore, the same love for you jewelry, in the ring, necklace to take home first take a few minutes to think about it, ordinary style will certainly be thrown into the bottom of your tank immediately. “Do not learn elegant!” This is the advice to the Leo, only those BLING BLING really suit you.
Scorpio is sometimes “innocent”, often be said to be very mysterious or unreasonable. In fact, once you become a Scorpio friend, the other will still go through fire and water. With matte effect or secretly flashing jewelry for Scorpio, they need to blink different from the Leo blingbling, but looming difficult to pondering.
12 constellations, to be a Sagittarius most “heartless”, they are optimistic but informal in the plain, eager to freedom, longing for first-hand experience. Sagittarius is the case, they are out of the name of the “thick lines” and “chivalric”. So, even the girls, those who seem to Xiaojiaziqi jewelry will not easily lead to Sagittarius attention, on the contrary, simple and smooth generous geometric patterns actually touched their hearts. Of course, if you can add a little more in the geometric patterns of international elements, it would be great.
Libra is basically handsome boys and girls, this is the unique characteristics of the constellation. Therefore, the choice of jewelry, Libra, Virgo, though not as perfect as required, but it will not neglect. As its constellation pattern, harmony and symmetry is to let them love the same truth at first sight. In addition, Libra is the least likely to become the otaku house female constellation, “because they always need a friend.” Therefore, the constellation of you, in the choice of cheap cartier love ring replica Jewelry style, tend to be such as “born a pair”, “combined” this word easily moved.
Capricorns are smart, and they know exactly what they want. So, do not play with the Capricorn virtual, and do not play too much pattern, they want only two words – simple, the simpler the better. A ring, even if only light board, will attract Capricorn’s attention. “

Precautions for Precious Bride Gold Jewelry Wear and Cleaning

Bride gold jewelry to wear five major precautions and cleaning steps, @ Xiao Bian to share with you the maintenance of several major criteria of gold, so that your love will never devalue, so that your dowry gold forever golden.
Bride gold jewelry to wear 5 big Note:
1, wearing Cartier Juste Un Clou Ring replica Full gold, due to its low hardness, should not be collided with hard objects, rub or excessive pull gold jewelry.
2, gold jewelry If you often contact with the cosmetics, a long time, it will make the white surface of the jewelry.
3, if you wear gold and platinum at the same time, easily lead to friction between the two, will make the surface of gold rub on the platinum and white.
4, clean chemical substances will change the color of gold in the clean-up work should be removed before the gold jewelry.
5, swimming or bathing is best not to wear sterling silver van cleef arples replica jewelry, custody best to use velvet wrap and then into the jewelry box, so as to avoid friction damage.
Bride gold jewelry wearing cleaning steps:
1, can be thinly coated with a layer of nail polish to protect the gold jewelry shiny.
2, inlaid precious stones ring can be swabs, in the toilet water and glycerin mixed with wet, the scrub when the framework of the gem, and then polished with flannel. Do not use a sharp blade to scratch.
3, after wearing the replica cartier love ring Jewelry often due to stains and dust pollution and loss of luster Do not worry, as long as the gold placed in a neutral detergent to soak in warm water and clean, then remove the wipe dry.
4, can also be mixed with salt and vinegar into a cleaning agent, use it to clean gold jewelry, gold can always be as new.
These are the @ bring prospective brides to wear gold jewelry when the note, I believe we will help.


How to choose bridal headdress Bride jewelry headdress type

Bride jewelry headdress An obscure dress, but in the wedding day to enhance the overall quality and temperament of the bride jewelry, suitable for the bride veil not only in the wedding day so that you make the best glory, but also allows you to become the focus of the princess, then Bride replica van cleef arpels  ring jewelry headdress how to choose?
Many families have their own family of an object, if the source of the bride’s headdress is also true, whether it is the bride’s mother or grandmother or her mother’s hair accessories, this will be a very special hair accessories.
The bride’s headdress can be based on the details of the wedding dress to pick, send installed. Imagine the details of the wedding day dress, and use these details to choose the bride headdress, and clothing to reach a unified.
If you can not find a match with the wedding dress hair accessories, it will choose according to the bride’s own wishes. You can start from a simple decorative hairpin start,Van Cleef & Arpels Magic necklace replica if it is lace, sequins, then, perhaps the dress shop will provide the appropriate fabric, lace and decoration.
In the choice of the bride hair accessories, there is one point is more important, that is, set the bride’s personality and wedding as a whole. The bride likes the color, flowers, etc. as a reference, so that the bride will feel special hair accessories.
According to the wedding to choose hair accessories is also a very important principle. Generally a lot of wedding dress designers in the design of the wedding will be designed when the appropriate appropriate bridal hair accessories, such facilities is also a good choice.
Think of the bride hair ornaments of all the details, then the wedding site can not be ignored. At the wedding, the bride bouquet, bridesmaid dress color or decorative wedding cake, and even style, can be used as a bride hair accessories reference. Through these details, as part of the appearance of the bride will make the wedding look cohesive and complete.
Be sure to find a hairpin that matches the theme or style of the wedding. If the wedding is an old-fashioned theme, the bride and her bridesmaids wear retro-style dresses, choose hair clips, look retro or antiques. If the bride chooses a more modern theme, the choice of hairpin Amulette de Cartier Ring replica is fashionable and polished so that they fit the bride and her day style.
Natural romantic long hair, is a lot of the bride’s favorite. Brown hair reveals a trace of elegance and romance, with both sides of the diamond is also very particular about, a high and one low arrangement, so that the bride a little more charming. Refreshing makeup set off the face of the bride, like a very natural wizard.
The veil is the love of many brides, looming feeling, a different kind of hazy beauty. Veil with a simple plate hair, clean and neat at the same time, but also for the bride by adding a mystery. Short paragraph veil modeling, with white of wedding dress and long dress are is good of choice.
Flowers should belong to the bride headdress of the most common one, it can be the most vulgar, it can be played into the vulgarity, depends on the skill of the stylist. Choose the right location and with the color of the dress is the key to dress.
Dress with feathers is nowadays a popular headdress, unlike flowers, if not bad will be stingy, feathers look much more on the atmosphere. Also some more personality.
Half-veiled gauze gives the feeling of hazy, so that the face of the bride looks looming. Such a headdress both to increase the bride’s mystery, but also show the lady temperament, is a good choice for the bride headdress Oh.
Crown in the minds of women is a symbol of elegance, its style can be divided into classical, grand, gorgeous three, the bride should be based on their own characteristics to choose the right crown, classic fit introverted, petite bride, Temperament of the bride, gorgeous type is suitable for full of feminine, feminine temperament of the bride.
Pearl is a symbol of happiness,Cartier love necklace Replica the use of pearls as a headdress can not only reflect the elegance of the Chinese style, but also makes the bride looks very dignified and generous, rather than Mei Mei, Hua and impressive. Whether with a wedding dress or cheongsam, pure and elegant pearl headdress will make the bride look more charming and moving. In general, the pearl hair accessories more appropriate with satin, chiffon wedding.
The above is bridal jewelry on the choice of all the Raiders, I believe the bride in accordance with the above method will be able to find their own Which bridal headdress, and wedding day to become the focus, will be a very natural thing, let us together for the Add color to your wedding!


How to match the bride jewelry, bridal jewelry with methods

Many brides do not know how the wedding jewelry in this area with, not all of the wedding veil and the white lace or shiny crystal necklace can fit. It’s time to spend some time thinking about your wedding jewelry! The following small series to introduce you to the new wedding cheap cartier love jewelry coup, let you do the beautiful bride.
Most of the conservative bride is only willing to wear diamonds, pearl earrings, in fact, great earrings look good.
With a fine bracelet to build your arm, about asymmetric wear law is very out of color, but also has a sense of fashion.
Drop-type or long earrings are often able to modify the wearer’s face, if your bride hairstyle for the under the shape of a long cartier Juste un Clou bracelet replica is very suitable for you.
In the bride’s wedding often have the appearance of lace, if you choose to have a lace section of the earrings, will be very echoed.
In the Western wedding customs, the bride must wear some blue things, this will give new people good luck. When the white meets the blue is also a seductive combination, may also try.


choose the color of jewelry is a prerequisite for the color of the preference for

This shape is characterized by thin, thin, neck slender, so choose to wear jewelry should be the central part of the principle of dilute the two sides of the kind of dazzling. In order to make the neck look shorter, necklaces and pendants appropriate choice of small and simple, and the chain should not be too long. As for earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. are more suitable for the choice of some of the gorgeous.
This size is characterized by thick and short, bloated, short neck, wearing jewelry diamond jewelry when it is necessary to visually weaken the width of the sides of the body. To this end, earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. should choose dark colors, modeling simple. Such as platinum matte Amulette de Cartier Ring replica jewelry, bracelets is a good choice. But the necklace pendant shape should choose long and thin, large and varied kind of fat people arm and wrist must be relatively thick, so the bracelet or arm ring should choose wide and wide.
This body is characterized by tall, physically fit, select jewelry diamond jewelry should be prominent on both sides and dilute the central. Necklace suitable choice for thick and long, pendant shape will be large and rich, rings and earrings on the mosaic of jewelry in the choice of primary and secondary with a matching, and three-dimensional modeling of earrings, bracelets are indispensable.
This body is characterized by the body is less high and strong, so in the choice of jewelry when the diamond jewelry to the principle of Rouga just in order to dilute the hard gas and add fiber tenderness. Necklace suitable for slim and simple shape, it is best elegant pearl pendant or gem inlaid style. As for the earrings, rings should be appropriate thickness, too thick jewelry is easy to make you feel chunky, while too small and you are not slim enough to match the finger. To coral, jade or other precious stones and gold with, small and exquisite, with them is also very personal.
That is, oval face, optional range of wider range of best fake Van Cleef Arpels jewelry, comb long hair, wear a ruby ring gives a soft sense of feminine, short hair who wear small Jade ear plug will appear very elegant.
The upper (or round) cut or the amount of large jaw tip, is suitable for wearing a variety of jewelry face, can wear large flower ear plugs or pendants concise rings, necklace should be thin and short, in order to increase the width of the jaw To avoid the feeling of being elongated face.
This face is characterized by the top and bottom, the middle long, so wear accessories should be appropriate to increase the width of the face horizontal midline, to this end, choose to wear a large area of glittering inlaid jewelry ear plugs or short round necklace Ears become larger, the face appears wider. But do not wear a ring, so as not to form the size of the small triangular face.
Decorative principle is to make the cheeks narrow, up and down to extend the upper part of the hair can rely on high-thick pad to solve the lower part of the necklace to wear through the elongated elongated earrings cut should not be too much.
This is a cut on the bottom of the wide cheek face, dress up more difficult, dress up the principle of the general is to increase the width of the face of the Ministry, through the amount of ornaments and hair to make up, cheap van cleef arpels alhambra earrings should not be small, necklace should not be long Short, thick should not be fine, because the long necklace can play to extend the jaw to change the effect of cutting.
Collocation is a fine learning, just a piece of jewelry can not let you immediately charm, decent dress appearance and self-confidence is the most important, jewelry is only the appearance of beauty, the real beauty is still in the heart. But a good jewelry with a new era for a female friend in terms of a good grade is also reflected.