You should be the center of attention, not your jewelry


casual wear casual wear jewelry has become a trend, diamond jewelry is a more relaxed and bright, full of charm and aura of the new attitude into the ordinary people of ordinary dress life. Most people in the spare time or in some relaxed and happy occasion often like casual clothes, such as T-shirts, machine-shirt, or general skirt, then wear some of the main stone is not prominent by the general gems or synthetic gemstones inlaid Jewelry, such as “the Soviet Union drilling”, garnet, etc. are more harmonious. On the contrary, such as wearing some eye-catching precious stones, such as color tourmaline color tourmaline color tourmaline tourmaline, ruby, emerald green, etc., will appear uncoordinated, will undermine the relaxed atmosphere. This occasion wear too many pieces of jewelry is also no benefit, will give people a messy feeling. If you are more comfortable on weekdays to enjoy the full personality style, this season is definitely a great opportunity; you may wish to wear casual wear when wearing one or two pieces of cheap cartier love ring replica jewelry, inadvertently infiltrated the slightest strands of sexy. Some of the pearls and diamonds for the shape of snail-like earrings, a little adjustment, you can become a sleeved shirt on the cufflinks. In addition, there are some common in the jewelry design of insects, flowers and vegetables, red tomatoes and other shapes, and the sea can be the starfish, hippocampus, small turtle and other jewelry shape, together into a small unit, and then free to add String, combined into a wide range of jewelry. Of course, do not do a combination, a single ring can also be worn. After all, few people can have a very.

A variety of jewelry, so finally have the jewelry, if you can wear a few more ways, you can slightly ease the distressed “expensive.” This concept is the so-called “composite van cleef arpels bracelet replica jewelry”, although today’s jewelry is expensive, but there are a lot of information for your reference, and now put home expensive, cheap jewelry, compound to wear to see. For example, a simple shape of the ring can be removed from the fingers, as a necklace. In turn, you can also use the necklace as a ring, or the ring ring hanging around the neck as the idea of strap. In the street, we often can see that some girls will be removed as a ring to the pin, or the design of the fringed diamond pin hook hanging in the necklace, often can make “turned” after the jewelry is more special.
Gold has been out of the traditional image of the conservative, stylish and sophisticated, corresponding to different occasions and clothing with, taste absolutely good. Elegant knitting two cardigan, with like a long sweater chain-like style, so that the overall shape of luxury and soft, grace Zhuo about. Rich sense of design gold, and indirect wear complement each other.
In short different wearers can be based on the characteristics of different individuals, temperament training, wear, and other well-chosen atmosphere Cartier love bracelet knockoffs jewelry, fully reflects the wearer unique temperament. More personalized overall image, make people shines.

Season 10 with a senior dress jewelry


Women like what kind of replica hermes leather bracelet Jewelry, there is no conclusion. Men to gallant before, it is best to consult some experts to guide consumption. Women choose jewelry styles and her constellations, personality are very related.
One is full of creative, full of ideas of the Aquarius, one is catching on, always a little childish Aries, the two constellations are entirely different astrology, bones infiltration is the same complex – tradition. Therefore, the two constellations you pick for their own jewelry, as long as the “basic models + design sense,” the tone, do not be afraid they will spend the money wasted.
If you want to give the twelve constellations to a fashion sense of keenness index ranking, the first I am afraid that is none other than Gemini. Belong to this constellation you, basically with the classic with no money, replica van cleef arpels vintage alhambra ring
The traditional circular ring has been very difficult to impress the hearts of Gemini. Therefore, the Gemini jewelry selection only requires a word: change. For example, there is a new concept of wedding ring, completely abandon the traditional round, the popular heart-shaped, Marquise, oval, pear-shaped, emerald-shaped, and even free to play, design special models and custom.
Virgo and Taurus belong to the same earth sign, their greatest feature is described in two words is ‘real’. For the two constellations of people, can see a real jewelry at a glance, than those who pursue a sense of design more attractive to them. In other words, under the same value, a bare diamond and a gold ring from the designer, the former temptation is always greater than the latter.
Both belong to the water sign, Cartier love bracelet knockoffs And that women are made of water, Pisces and Cancer feminine born. In their bones, inherently permeated with a dream and romantic atmosphere. Therefore, Pisces and Cancer relative to the abstract design, more enthusiastic about the specific pattern.
Leo is probably the most constellation of twelve constellation of impulsive consumption, “because they are the best face.” Like being the crowd attention, like to stand out, these are Leo’s “common problem.” Therefore, the same love for you jewelry, in the ring, necklace to take home first take a few minutes to think about it, ordinary style will certainly be thrown into the bottom of your tank immediately. “Do not learn elegant!” This is the advice to the Leo, only those BLING BLING really suit you.
Scorpio is sometimes “innocent”, often be said to be very mysterious or unreasonable. In fact, once you become a Scorpio friend, the other will still go through fire and water. With matte effect or secretly flashing jewelry for Scorpio, they need to blink different from the Leo blingbling, but looming difficult to pondering.
12 constellations, to be a Sagittarius most “heartless”, they are optimistic but informal in the plain, eager to freedom, longing for first-hand experience. Sagittarius is the case, they are out of the name of the “thick lines” and “chivalric”. So, even the girls, those who seem to Xiaojiaziqi jewelry will not easily lead to Sagittarius attention, on the contrary, simple and smooth generous geometric patterns actually touched their hearts. Of course, if you can add a little more in the geometric patterns of international elements, it would be great.
Libra is basically handsome boys and girls, this is the unique characteristics of the constellation. Therefore, the choice of jewelry, Libra, Virgo, though not as perfect as required, but it will not neglect. As its constellation pattern, harmony and symmetry is to let them love the same truth at first sight. In addition, Libra is the least likely to become the otaku house female constellation, “because they always need a friend.” Therefore, the constellation of you, in the choice of cheap cartier love ring replica Jewelry style, tend to be such as “born a pair”, “combined” this word easily moved.
Capricorns are smart, and they know exactly what they want. So, do not play with the Capricorn virtual, and do not play too much pattern, they want only two words – simple, the simpler the better. A ring, even if only light board, will attract Capricorn’s attention. “