From the shape of the wedding ring to see the character secret

Everyone ‘s character and hobbies are different, it can also be reflected in the shape of the ring. From the bride choose the shape of the diamond ring can see how the individual’s character, then the shape of the wedding ring and the character of what kind of relationship?
When we choose something according to our own preferences, we can actually look at your character according to what you choose. Old saying goes: “Wise water, benevolent Leshan”. Perhaps you did not think the shape of the ring can also have a relationship with the character, the following talk about the shape of the wedding replica van cleef arpels ring and personality what kind of relationship?
Pillow-shaped cut diamonds in recent years to return to popular, through its corners were arc-shaped rectangular shape, so that people feel classical and fashion collision out of the spark.
Choose pillow diamond ring to bring rigorous at the same time, more silk bold and rebellious atmosphere.
Square cut diamonds were rectangular stepped, so, in looking for favorite square drill, be sure to look for the most brilliant that one.
Choose a square-shaped copy van cleef arpels alhambra vintage ring of people simple and stable appearance represents a simple and generous temperament. Ladies wear, you can create the feeling of hardness and softness, highlighting the modern women’s self-confidence, capable, open-minded tolerance.
Round cutting, also known as bright cutting, is the most popular way to cut diamonds, which can make diamonds reflect more light and fully show the glamor of diamonds.
Wearing a round diamond woman, kind, easygoing, the family has a strong sense of responsibility, attention to feelings worthy of dependency.
Oval cutting is in the early 60s of the last century, it not only retains the dome of the general dazzling light and eye-catching beauty, but also give your ring to bring a fresh feeling.
Heart-shaped diamond cheap van cleef arpels alhambra ring has always been the representative of love and dedication, its proportion, just to be able to show the diamond light just right, not dazzling, both emotional and dream. Heart-shaped drill style comes from ancient India, is the closest to the round, the most basic symbol of love diamond shape, it is favored by new people.
Pear-shaped cut diamonds, both to retain the gorgeous gorgeous diamonds, but also in the form is more unique, not so traditional, and the shape of a drop of crystal water droplets like a compassionate, but also make your fingers look more Slender.
Different diamond shapes are given different meanings, people buy diamond ring is the kind of diamond to buy the spirit and temperament, and the value of diamonds and no direct relationship. The shape of the diamond gives people a different character, like a round diamond ring, what shape do you like?

Wedding rings need to wear after marriage, so to pick the feel and comfortable

van cleef arpels alhambra bracelet
van cleef arpels alhambra bracelet

Ring is the language of love. Women’s fingertips on the ring to convey the current emotional situation and the desire for love and expectations. The wedding Van Cleef & Arpels Lucky Alhambra butterfly ring represents the perfect and timeless, and the wedding ring wears which finger is very particular about. To know that the meaning of each finger ring wearing a different law, if you wear a wrong finger may block the original peach, so the wedding ring wear which finger can not be underestimated.
The meaning of the ring wear method far and far. In general, new people will wear wedding rings on the left hand ring finger. In Europe, when the priest’s witness, a pair of new people began to exchange the replica van Cleef & Arpels Ring, the bride and groom will each other for each other’s ring finger on the ring. Why will the wedding ring wear on this finger, which is derived from a legend of ancient Rome. According to the West, the left hand is the luck that God has given you, and the left hand ring finger has a heart through the blood vessels, so wear a wedding Copy cartier artier Love Bracelet on this finger, with a symbol of divine oath. When wearing this finger, it means that the heart is firmly locked by the lover, closely linked with each other, will not be separated.

In addition, you can also prove through a small game.
(1) hands together, the middle finger bent down, back together. Five fingers can only allow one finger to separate.
(2) you will find that you can open the thumb, index finger, little finger, but can not separate the ring finger alone.
(3) the thumb on behalf of the parents, to open, copy van Cleef & Arpels Necklace because parents will always die due to illness and death; index finger on behalf of brothers and sisters, they will have their own family, will leave; little thumb pen is their children, Will eventually grow up, set up their own new family, will leave.
(4) and ring finger can not be separated, it represents the husband and wife, life will not be separated.
Is also the case, whether it is the West or the East, will choose to wear wedding rings on the left hand ring finger. Moreover, the right hand often do housework, so the cheap vanCleef  vintage alhambra Bracelets on the left hand to avoid the ring wear. The following are the same as the ”
Then the wedding ring should choose what kind of style? Wedding ring should generally choose a simple style ring, a ring ring is the best choice. Wedding fake van cleef arpels rings do not like marriage rings and engagement rings need to gorgeous diamond ring style to prove their true, to win each other’s favorite. It is more important is a witness of the ceremony, so Jane’s diamond ring is the best.

You’re the one I most want to chat every

1, do not worry about the L Miss, even if the eyes have been spread in the bed slightly squint, but the hands still tightly hold the phone refused to release. The phone that one, and her chat with Mr. B is still guarding it. Two people do not know how long to talk, but who also reluctant to go to sleep.van cleef arpels jewelry Not because of fear of no chance, but for that person, as if never know tired in general, do not want to leave him in a moment Every minute every second, for the love of people, are extremely valuable. Do you ever have such a moment? 2, for many love in the vca family, the other side of the “good night” can make your heart rate, fantasy, the other know the meaning of good night, he is telling me that I love you? So carries a good and secretly look forward to the wish, smile to sleep. Because you are the one I most want to chat every night ah. Even the bath should tell you clearly, for fear that you think I left you. Go where you best van cleef ring replica have to hold the phone, worried about accidentally missed the news you sent. Afraid that they will disturb you, but still can not help but want to send a message to you. Talk to you can forget to dry clothes, forget to say good to read, because in me, you have to be cured than all the songs, than all the film plot to be interesting, than all the books can make me know more. Like with you ramble, talking about those trivial things, selfish thought that so you participate in every day of my into my life. 3, replica van cleef arpels ring with the love of people chatting, presumably always the most happy moment it With a little bit of heart and anxiety, sometimes the other tease laugh, sometimes have to shy to cover his face shy. Each knock on a word, seems to have become a password, you always in the heart to settle down, trying to unlock all the answers are. You are not sure how sweet at the moment, how long will it last? There will be inexplicable grievances and quarrel,van cleef arpels Lucky necklace replica knowing that the other is not the meaning, but in front of that person, the little girl’s wayward temper is always exposed. Perhaps subconsciously, you have long regarded him as a reliable,van cleef arpels Alhambra ring knockoffs can rely on the object it 4, vca Jun always feel that a lifetime, to find a chat friend is a gift, and find a conversation with you always say endless, never tired of the story, that kind of partner, it is a very lucky thing. Most of the time between the tired, we only left between the “I came back”, “sleep early”, “I went to work”, “eat” so plain tedious words. Not our feelings fade, but we are no longer so year, all the other side is full of strong curiosity and understanding. I hope van cleef arpels long necklace knockoffs that we are books that are not tired of each other’s life, thick and interesting. No matter what stage, always find everything to a small surprise. You can not how sweet love or promise, but chat, talk, the day will not bored, little love will love in these words in a lifetime.

Buy any high-level van cleef ring jewelry replica best to choose a high degree of brand reputation jewelers.

Van Cleef & Arpels Perlee  Ring
Van Cleef & Arpels Perlee Ring

Lead: the bride to buy diamonds can be both beautiful and cost-effective but requires a cost over time, such as the understanding of the value of gold, precious stones, diamond understanding, and so on.
An independent woman needs to decorate themselves with elegant things, and the hard-working man always want to use a unique way to reflect their own taste. Diamond is also the most dazzling highlights of men. The bride to buy diamonds can be both beautiful van cleef arpels jewelry replica and cost-effective but requires a cost over time, such as the understanding of the value of gold, gem prices, understanding of diamonds and so on. So, the bride to buy jewelry to pay attention to what? New people should understand and avoid buying jewelry misunderstanding. Let’s study together.
Myth: low-cost purchase of high-quality van cleef arpels jewelry Cheap is not necessarily Wumart, but also for some Jade jewelry. If you want to use a low price, but to buy a emerald green emerald clear, it is almost impossible. Many people there is such a lucky heart, and accidentally fall into the trap of unscrupulous businesses. Buy any jewelry, it is best to choose a high degree of credibility of the big brand jewelers. And the time of purchase, must see whether there is no relevant authority of the book, and a detailed shopping vouchers, which can ensure that your interests are not compromised.
Myth: to buy enough van cleef arpels real gold jewelry knockoffs to preserve the value of gold to buy gold
As the gold can hedge against inflation, in the purchase of jewelry, many new people will give up K gold, and choose enough gold. But as a wedding jewelry, new people should pay attention not only to preserve and increase the problem. A unique design, consistent with their own temperament jewelry, is the most suitable for the bride. Wedding van cleef arpels jewelry imitation, especially diamond ring, for the new meaning and value is incalculable, it is recommended that new people choose a commemorative jewelry. Because the gold is too soft, not inlay replica van cleef arpels ring jewelry, but also difficult to maintain a certain shape. The gemstone jewelry to K gold performance is ideal, such as 18K gold, 14K gold.
Myth: jewelry is expensive, consumption can not afford
Jewelry is a huge family, there are high, medium and low-grade points, the price difference is great. In China, many jewelry prices are very approachable, but the effect is very good to wear. The price of the kind of jewelry can buy more pieces, according to your daily habits, color, make-up effects and even feel free to mix and match, a small area of gorgeous color van cleef arpels long necklace knockoffs with a variety of modeling jewelry become the most likely with the effect of jewelry.

No matter which season jewelry is good, too much, then it seems no


The most suitable for wearing jewelry season, because the body is more exposed parts, whether necklaces, bracelets, arm rings or earrings have a good opportunity to show. As the summer clothing thin, simple style, jewelry should choose simple, classic, chic style, such as: van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace replica Jewelry, gold jewelry, crystal jewelry, etc., in order to elegant colors, crystal shiny, the concept of a feast for the eyes.
As the fabric is more heavy, should be matching a variety of texture and weight of jewelry, cool color coat can choose the color of the more abundant necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches, pins and other gold, diamond jewelry. Such as black coat should choose gold jewelry or Choi Po jewelry, colored diamond jewelry light color.
Whatever the season, pay attention to van cleef & arpels earrings knockoff Wear is not the more the better, the more valuable the better. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches worn on the body, blooming each other, but no visual focus, giving the impression of chaotic. Generally only in a very grand occasion, it is appropriate to wear the suit, but also clear primary and secondary, there is a good perception.
Ear-pearl or long hanging pearl earrings can be adapted to different needs of the occasion. Office dress simple and serious, wearing a pair of earrings pearl earrings, women can be soft to subtle expression of the way, but also make your office dress Bu Zhiyu so serious and too hard lines. Long section hanging earrings is more suitable for wearing with the dress, when the earrings in the earlobe and sway between the neck, adding feminine dress and feminine beauty.
Pearl necklace styles and styles of change, as are the slender neck, increasing the elegance of women temperament. Pearls cheap van cleef & arpels jewelry Necklace can be based on the characteristics of different groups to buy. If you wear more petite, height is not high, optional medium-length pearl necklace. Older women to white gold pearl necklace is appropriate; younger, can choose black, pink or purple and other more lively young color. Tall tall pick women can choose long section, and even some exaggerated long style. Single wearing a few times around the neck is a good way to wear law.
Pendants more suitable for wearing with a ring or earrings at the same time, the pendant style has a simple single-pearl pendant, there are luxurious stone pearl pendant. Single-pearl pendant suitable for everyday wear, and luxury pearl pendant is more suitable for solemn occasions.
A: can wear, but it is best not to wear. Why do you say, can wear is that it will not have any effect on the crystal, bath liquid will not hurt the crystal, because the crystal will not reflect with the acid or alkali, it will not be with the general chemical and the like Reaction occurs, it is only in the high temperature conditions and fluoride are reflected. But why do not wear it better, because the process of movement will have a collision pull, van cleef arpels clover bracelet imitation Is fragile, if not careful to pull off the line that is not trouble.
A: Why do you wear a crystal bracelet left hand? (Such as obsidian and other dark crystal except), we have a saying in China has been left into the right out (abroad also have a similar argument), crystal worn on the left hand, left hand will absorb the power of crystal (or crystal can also absorb the outside world Magnetic field), while the right hand is the release of different magnetic fields out. In fact, wearing a crystal is a stress on the absorption should be brought in the left hand, if the projection should be with the right hand. Projective crystals can emit energy to attract some magnetic field. Absorptive crystals can absorb some energy condensed.
First, the crystal absorbs the body’s negative energy on weekdays, it is like a trash, there are always filled, when it is released it is necessary. Released will bring more good luck. Second, the crystal surface of the surface itself will have a long time adhesion of dirt, cleaning becomes essential. Third, the role of psychological implication, purification, pure, and psychological only practical, will be more believe it’s Aura. And I personally think that the crystal after purification is easier to communicate with the owner, easier to play its unique strength. For women who are in pregnancy, many things are in need of taboo. Then crystal fake van cleef and arpels butterfly ring Jewelry it? It is said that natural crystal has the effect of lowering blood pressure, improving eyesight, refreshing, facilitating and compensating dirty, especially for eyes diseases, pharyngitis, insomnia, frozen shoulder and breast diseases.
Optical axis: Crystal has three directions of the optical axis, can release a huge energy, such as acupuncture general stimulation of acupuncture points, which can produce a certain physical therapy. Crystal has a unique piezoelectric effect, the world of all things, only the crystal’s inherent magnetic field and the human body’s magnetic field strength is similar to when the human body is not comfortable, the magnetic field will change the crystal magnetic field can correct the magnetic field of human cells, people keep alive and Vitality.So pregnant women wear crystal jewelry on their own as well as the baby has some benefits.
For example, women should buy a series of skin care products, jade is also the case, the same texture did not violate the sense of the same color we all understand that the color should be consistent, pay no attention to color matching, visual conflict. Complex chaos, there is no beauty at all, replica van cleef arpels ring The number of pieces or 1 to 3 as well. Exquisite makeup, bright clothes, jewelry wrong choice to expose their own shortcomings, it can be really awkward. For example, to select the ring, bracelet, the first thought should be the fingers, the wrist is not enough beauty. Neck and beautiful, you can choose a unique necklace to their neck points.

These beautiful solid color will outline the winter as a piece of


Many people are very rich in jewelry association, including mature, stable, gorgeous, rich, rich, rich, stylish, warm, natural, dignified, intellectual, perfectionist, romantic, self-confidence. According to “Jewelery First Lady” Carol Jackson’s “cheap cartier jewelry knockoffs.”Autumn style of women is dedicated to the fall of the luxurious family, they inherited the charm of the fall, they have all the jewelry impression and character, temperament has the charm of nature in autumn.Model is a mature woman, Dignified, full-bodied, for autumn-type women’s jewelry is gorgeous, rich warm colors.
Autumn-type woman is the impression of autumn vector, they are like a fascinating fall, with Amulette de Cartier Ring replica Unique jewelry attributes. Autumn-type woman’s eyes calm, uniform color, hair glossy strong, they are the highest grade of urban life woman, is a gorgeous, fashion Mature owners, as autumn rich, rich jewelry, autumn-rich woman is rich Charm.
Autumn-type women not only body color and autumn jewelry consistent with their character, temperament, such as autumn-like dignified and mature, simple and honest. Autumn-style women’s face, although grown very ordinary, but their faces are often hung with a simple smile, their laughter cordial, easy-going, warm heart, even the first meeting, you can feel their friendly, and even Will feel and they have met, this is the fall of the biggest characteristics of women, approachable. Autumn-type women walk in the pace of the light yet sound, speaking voice, speed, tone and content also reflect their mature personality characteristics. Replica van cleef arpels ring With the most mature, friendly, easy-going character, with no contrived, sincere, natural temperament, they are the most warm sister next door, so that people around feel safe, easy, rest assured. In the fall of women in front, you can completely let go, so that their physical and mental are in a free state.
Autumn-type woman for the most natural colors to dress themselves, autumn jewelry is the best set off their beautiful jewelry group. Rich and honest, rich and gorgeous jewelry and warm autumn women are together, complement each other, jewelry will be set off even more beautiful, people will also play the beauty of jewelry to the extreme. It should be noted that, although the fall-type women and spring-type women are warm colors, but the light and bright jewelry is not suitable for autumn-type women, pale colors and autumn-type women mature and stable, simple and honest temperament is contrary to the . Autumn-type woman for bright with a calm in the Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra replica , Such as dark tomato red, rust red, deep golden orange, dark green, mallard blue, eggplant purple, etc., and brown, beige, gold is the most able to reflect the fall of luxury women’s temperament jewelry.
Autumn-type women in the four seasons is the most mature and luxurious female representatives, they are good wife and mother in the home, is the workplace in the capability, mature professional women, but also love in the situation of light Mature. Suitable for autumn-type women’s jewelry all derived from the nature of the fall of the original eco-jewelry, these thick and honest jewelry to their beauty and temperament perfectly set off, especially in the fall, they are the most out of color group of people. If you are sure you are a fall-type woman, then from now on the fall, pay attention to those most suitable for your strong Van Cleef Arpels Magic necklace replica It!
Winter is a cold season, but also the lack of jewelry season. When it comes to winter, we naturally think of white snow, dark night sky, cold weather, proudly independent Samui and so on. On the winter of jewelry association is rich, including cold, strong, confident, intellectual, stunning, unique, personality, etc., while the winter-specific winter women also have these characteristics. Winter women are individual, distinctive, they are the best women in the world of warriors, with the same as the cold winter, tenacious character.

Individuality of the diamond ring or necklace is not only your personal image of the extra points

The United States first lady Michelle from the beginning to accompany the President of the presidential election, she began to dress up on the outside of the praise, many people in the workplace and even joked that the quasi-first lady for Obama’s election, is a lot of extra points . The spring of 2016, the cheap cartier jewelry knockoffs US media published more by workplace selection of the most attractive women ranked, the United States first lady Michelle topped the list. You do not have to wonder, why Angelina Jolie and Giselle Bunchen as big beauty will be left behind? Very simple, imagine the office if such a woman how the consequences, the answer is self-evident.
Michelle may not Angelina? Julie looks and body advantage, but her fashion taste, easy control of clothing and jewelry, but the ability to convince people. Her figure, age, status, taste so that the world’s middle-class women to find a more valuable new idol, Amulette de Cartier Ring replica and women in the workplace executives, and finally ushered in a really worth imitating
Pearl Necklace: Starting with Jacqueline All First Lady’s Choice
Jacqueline laid the first lady’s fashion status. From her start, knee-length skirt and pearl necklace almost become the first ladies uniform standard look. Turn to Michelle, naturally, and ultimately, pearl necklace. Pearl’s noble is the general replica van cleef arpels ring jewelry incomparable, the first lady of choice pearl necklace, executives of women are naturally indispensable.
Whether it is state-run events, charity events, television interviews … … you can almost see Michelle Obama wearing pearl necklace – this super-adaptability of the occasion is very suitable for busy executives women, the day piece of pearl necklace You can wear it directly to participate in the evening’s business banquet.
More than 20 girls wearing pearls will look old-fashioned, but executives on the contrary, pearls are very picky jewelry, only deep intrinsic, experienced a time precipitation of the woman to show off its charm. At the same time, pearls are also wild Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra replica jewelry, you can even use your beloved pearl necklace, to match your wardrobe inside a few sets of clothes.
Color gemstone brooch: the workplace suits the best partner
If you do not have a brooch, obviously need to make up this lesson!
Lady Elizabeth Fendi said, “no woman is not perfect brooch woman.” Because the brooch is extremely sensitive to wear the location, really too feminine! You have no reason to refuse in this place full of temptation to decorate the beautiful.
The workplace, the suite has always been dominated the world. For business executives, perhaps clothing than the younger subordinates are more “rigid”, selective lower. So, do not forget with an emerald, ruby or sapphire brooch for suits and high collar dress, choose this full of visual tension custom gemstone brooch, not only can enhance the overall texture, but also to take this The performance of their own personality claims.
Diamonds: from jewelry to the momentum of capable
Remember the “color” ring, the woman together around the scene than the size of the diamond ring? Women in the workplace is no exception, a gilded scene in the town of Van Cleef Arpels Magic necklace replica jewelry, not only allows you to the same level of women in confidence Full, and allows you to enjoy the admiration and admiration of subordinates – Yes! Strong woman, is to choose the most powerful gem.
Diamonds are suitable for the workplace, but also because it is the most light, most direct, never dragging its feet, but also no feminine, gentle look, this is not what you want to create their own professional image?
No one said that wearing a diamond on the negotiating table will win, but can not deny, but also help you gather the customer’s attention. Diamond woman is confident,cheap cartier love jewelry knockoffs pay attention to quality, the pursuit of perfection, such a woman is naturally the winner in the war.


Young housewives with the daily jewelry, fashion queen that recipe – clothing and jewelry with

I believe that most people have their own jewelry with a set of fashion experience. Then we are in the clothing and jewelry with, the specific follow the basic routines?
Workplace, dignified and rigorous, accessories can not be too much, too exaggerated style jewelry should not be worn, can be carefully selected one or two small and exquisite jewelry.
Dress, evening dress:
With the dress with the fine replica van cleef arpels ring jewelry should be elegant and sophisticated, according to the choice of a different sense of style jewelry accessories match.
Casual Wear:
With casual wear jewelry should be generous and simple, and jeans with a bold and bold combination of jewelry, rough is appropriate.
At the same cheap cartier necklace replica time the most important point is, in fact, to follow their own heart, to form their own style.
Can not say that particularly young but less than 30
The reason for housewives is that their parents are getting older and need to be taken care of
Resigned from the field to return home to start a temporary home decoration and said slowly to find a job I personally think that as a woman or a good job at least there is a head will not make people feel every day seemingly meaningless,I am a jewelry-loving Hey.Everyone to go out wearing knockoffs van cleef arpels alhambra clover earrings jewelry in addition to clothes with the main occasion depends on the occasion hehe
Daily point with the bar.


How to choose bridal headdress Bride jewelry headdress type

Bride jewelry headdress An obscure dress, but in the wedding day to enhance the overall quality and temperament of the bride jewelry, suitable for the bride veil not only in the wedding day so that you make the best glory, but also allows you to become the focus of the princess, then Bride replica van cleef arpels  ring jewelry headdress how to choose?
Many families have their own family of an object, if the source of the bride’s headdress is also true, whether it is the bride’s mother or grandmother or her mother’s hair accessories, this will be a very special hair accessories.
The bride’s headdress can be based on the details of the wedding dress to pick, send installed. Imagine the details of the wedding day dress, and use these details to choose the bride headdress, and clothing to reach a unified.
If you can not find a match with the wedding dress hair accessories, it will choose according to the bride’s own wishes. You can start from a simple decorative hairpin start,Van Cleef & Arpels Magic necklace replica if it is lace, sequins, then, perhaps the dress shop will provide the appropriate fabric, lace and decoration.
In the choice of the bride hair accessories, there is one point is more important, that is, set the bride’s personality and wedding as a whole. The bride likes the color, flowers, etc. as a reference, so that the bride will feel special hair accessories.
According to the wedding to choose hair accessories is also a very important principle. Generally a lot of wedding dress designers in the design of the wedding will be designed when the appropriate appropriate bridal hair accessories, such facilities is also a good choice.
Think of the bride hair ornaments of all the details, then the wedding site can not be ignored. At the wedding, the bride bouquet, bridesmaid dress color or decorative wedding cake, and even style, can be used as a bride hair accessories reference. Through these details, as part of the appearance of the bride will make the wedding look cohesive and complete.
Be sure to find a hairpin that matches the theme or style of the wedding. If the wedding is an old-fashioned theme, the bride and her bridesmaids wear retro-style dresses, choose hair clips, look retro or antiques. If the bride chooses a more modern theme, the choice of hairpin Amulette de Cartier Ring replica is fashionable and polished so that they fit the bride and her day style.
Natural romantic long hair, is a lot of the bride’s favorite. Brown hair reveals a trace of elegance and romance, with both sides of the diamond is also very particular about, a high and one low arrangement, so that the bride a little more charming. Refreshing makeup set off the face of the bride, like a very natural wizard.
The veil is the love of many brides, looming feeling, a different kind of hazy beauty. Veil with a simple plate hair, clean and neat at the same time, but also for the bride by adding a mystery. Short paragraph veil modeling, with white of wedding dress and long dress are is good of choice.
Flowers should belong to the bride headdress of the most common one, it can be the most vulgar, it can be played into the vulgarity, depends on the skill of the stylist. Choose the right location and with the color of the dress is the key to dress.
Dress with feathers is nowadays a popular headdress, unlike flowers, if not bad will be stingy, feathers look much more on the atmosphere. Also some more personality.
Half-veiled gauze gives the feeling of hazy, so that the face of the bride looks looming. Such a headdress both to increase the bride’s mystery, but also show the lady temperament, is a good choice for the bride headdress Oh.
Crown in the minds of women is a symbol of elegance, its style can be divided into classical, grand, gorgeous three, the bride should be based on their own characteristics to choose the right crown, classic fit introverted, petite bride, Temperament of the bride, gorgeous type is suitable for full of feminine, feminine temperament of the bride.
Pearl is a symbol of happiness,Cartier love necklace Replica the use of pearls as a headdress can not only reflect the elegance of the Chinese style, but also makes the bride looks very dignified and generous, rather than Mei Mei, Hua and impressive. Whether with a wedding dress or cheongsam, pure and elegant pearl headdress will make the bride look more charming and moving. In general, the pearl hair accessories more appropriate with satin, chiffon wedding.
The above is bridal jewelry on the choice of all the Raiders, I believe the bride in accordance with the above method will be able to find their own Which bridal headdress, and wedding day to become the focus, will be a very natural thing, let us together for the Add color to your wedding!