Jewelry encounter these problems, the diamond is one of the world’s most beautiful treasures?


Jewelry to meet the intellectual and elegant women of different fashion needs. However, the life of jewelry is limited, “people old bead” the idiom to describe a more appropriate.
Jadeite high toughness, but it is easy to rupture or damage, but usually do not let the dirt into the jade with sweat and its “combined.”
Under normal circumstances, the last process of jade processing is in its appearance sealed wax and then polished, so that jade can look very shiny. Cheap Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry The dirt will often corrode the jade surface of the Sichuan wax, so that the brightness and gloss of jade have been destroyed.
If the emerald color, warm water bubble 30 minutes is the beauty of beauty care, do not need to add any cleaning agent. Soak the process can be gently wiped with a soft cloth, if there is a carving of jewelry, you can use a soft brush gently brush to the surface dirt, will be as water lilies to reproduce the glory. Do not use clean diamond ultrasonic oscilloscope to clean jade, ultrasonic oscillation will make jade structure becomes loose. Jade is also afraid of high temperature, long-term baked at high temperatures, will make the jade inside the molecular volume increases, resulting in loss of moisture moist jade, resulting in germplasm to dry, its color will be shallow. Therefore, in the strong sun on the beach to play, cooking or steaming sauna, it is best to remove the emerald Van Cleef Arpels Alhambra Replica Jewelry, to prevent damage to jade.
Choose a piece of jewelry with you is indispensable, but how to care, maintenance of these beautiful “fragile” jewelry, so that they better demonstrate your charm is also essential homework. Pearl is an organic gem. If you take a long time to enjoy the sun, pearls will be drying out “wheat color”, and this “wheat color” for pearls, not a beautiful but a destruction.
Some people say that it should put it in a sealed bag to save the dark is benevolent? error! Pearl need fresh air, even if often do not wear it every few months out to let it breathe the air, or a grain of white pearl is easy to turn yellow. After wearing, but also to give it a “warm bath” clean, preferably with sheepskin wipe clean place on the dark and dry, do not use tissue paper, because the rough surface of the tissue will wear Van Cleef Arpels Perlee Knockoff.
We in life or food in contact with certain substances, containing different concentrations of acid or alkali, and these different concentrations of acid-base chemicals on pearl damage is fatal, so our cosmetics, perfume to try to avoid contamination Jewelry. If you are afraid to wash your hands and remove the jewelry and forget the event on the sink and other things, a small jewelry box can be avoided, so do not bother, carry a small jewelry box with it.
Some people say that cleaning jewelry with toothpaste? error! Because the toothpaste contains fine particles of high hardness grinding material, the hardness of these particulate matter up to 67 degrees (almost the same crystal), so the result is a toothpaste cleaning jewelry will be damaged. Than the crystal hardness of low gem surface, especially pearls, must be put to use toothpaste cleaning.
Diamond is one of the most beautiful treasures of the world, and its bright colors have been fascinated by countless people, but Van Cleef Arpels Clover Bracelet replcia Like other items, will be infected, stained with dust.
So only careful maintenance, in order to make it bright eternal. Diamond has a “lipophilic” characteristics, it is easy to contaminate the grease on the skin dirt, even high-quality diamonds, once touched the hands of grease and dust dirt, natural light will be obscured.
First, a little detergent into the bowl with warm water stirring from the foam, and then into the bowl of diamonds, with a soft brush gently wipe, brush out after the diamond into the metal mesh or tea filter, rinse with warm water, Then dry with a soft cloth. 1 to 4 ratio of the detergent into cold water, the diamond ring into the solution soak for a few minutes, remove and wipe with a soft brush, and then rinse with a solution, then use a paper towel to dry it. But remember not to abrasion inlay replica Van cleef arpels long necklace Of the base.
Metal jewelry with the appearance of beautiful and yet hard, the characteristics of changing color to attract the heart of fashion consumer groups. But a lot of people spent a lot of money to buy jewelry, but not willing to wear, in fact, every day to wear is the best of these metal jewelry maintenance methods, because the body secrete the oil, the jewels can produce natural moist luster.
But if the metal has turned yellow, when the signs of how to deal with it? At this time must first use a small brush to clean metal jewelry slit, and then wipe the surface with a soft cloth jewelry, metal is like “back to the original” general bright as new. Be sure to avoid using a hard brush or tissue paper for cleaning.
At the same time, it is recommended that you take a bath, wash your hair, wash your hands, make-up or do housework, it is best to wear gold and silver jewelry, so you can avoid soap, detergents and bleach chemicals dirty fake van cleef Arpels jewelry surface, so that the loss of luster to produce spots, while avoiding deformation fracture, loss of loss, especially sections of fine necklace in the sleep and wash should not be worn.

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Tanabata since ancient times is a traditional Chinese romantic festival, young men and women begging God to give them intelligence and a happy love marriage.
In recent years, the return of traditional culture, Tanabata, the Chinese Valentine’s Day more and more fire. This direct drive as a symbol of Chinese culture, Van Cleef Arpels Clover Bracelet replcia Sales hot. Tanabata sent Jade, a young couple to express the best way to love, the past few days Mabel Oriental Mall visitors are often based on young couples, they love to buy favorite jewelry for the heart.
Two thousand or three thousand yuan of jade, the sales were significantly higher. And many buyers are male customers, usually as a gift of love to give their favorite girl.
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Tanabata soon to be, what kind of copy van cleef & arpels jewelry Tanabata Festival to send what gift to his girlfriend, what gift to send a boyfriend, which is troubled by many friends. Everyone’s character is different, like things are different, we might look at the constellation of this gift, constellation gift is now the most popular gift, so Valentine’s Day in the day to give your favorite people, knockoffs Van cleef arpels alhambra clover earrings Whether boys or girls will be very fond of, because it is based on what he constellation to give him a gift, should be right.
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